Classes & clinics

Fishing Basics


Never had the chance to try fishing or been struggling to find success? Let us help you to develop the basic skills and tactics that will form a strong foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in this incredible sport!

Intro to Fly Fishing


There’s nothing like catching fish on a fly rod! Let us introduce you to this peaceful, artistic and ancient method of fooling fish with artificial flies so that you will develop a sound foundation for a very rewarding and successful lifelong ambition. We will help take the mystery out of the rods, lines, casting methods and fly tactics so that you get off to the most enjoyable start possible!

Intro To Fly Tying


There's something about the satisfaction of convincing a fish to bite something you created that adds even more to an already special experience. Let us help you to develop the skills to get started tying classic fly patterns and inventing new ones of your own!

Advanced Fly Fishing


Already been hooked by the fly fishing bug but looking to expand your skills? Let us help introduce tactics, skills and methods that will surely enhance your enjoyment as well as your success rates! Topics can include single and double handed Spey casting, advanced overhead casting techniques such as double hauling and roll casting, presentation tactics and usages of a wide variety of fly lines, etc.

Custom Clinics


All of our classes and clinics are tailored to your own interests, group sizes and goals. Let us know what you’re interested in learning or improving upon and we will work together to come up with clinics and times that work for you! 

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